Originally hired as Software Engineer (Systems Engineering, Software Dept.)
Group leader for software team responsible for diagnostic and test s/w
Recently returned to CAE, as Software Systems Specialist,
Joining team for maintenance of simulators at CFB Greenwood, Nova Scotia
Work at CAE includes:-
Designed, implemented, and maintained Computer based Test System (CTS)
for development, debug, test, integration and performance evaluation of application software.
Integration Specialist for KLM Airbus A310 Full Flight Simulators (Extensive co-operation with client's engineers).
Developed a Digital Voice system (used TSP units, required CPU processing of raw digitised sound signal data)
Designed, and built, a universal diagnostic simulation platform for trouble-shooting (In-house and Field Service/Customer Support).
Converted software systems from VAX/VMS to GOULD SEL/MPX, including some compiler development
Debugged and enhanced Gould SEL MPX Operating System
(VAX/VMS, HP/Unix, Gould SEL 77,87(80)/MPX, Intel, platforms
Assemblers, Fortran, 'C', Ada, Basic; and IEEE/GPIB, Arinc429, X.25)

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The KLM Airbus A310 Simulator
at Schiphol, near Amsterdam
Inside the Airbus A310 Simulator (Diagnostic simulation rig)
("Dino") (circa 1988)


CAE Business Card