Career Highlights and Achievements

Development of embedded Web Server and enhanced SSI
for secure packet radio products
Dataradio - 2004
Vapor IDS Control Intelligent Door Control System - for London Underground
Vapor Rail (Canada) Limited - 1999
Autonomous Automatic Passenger Door Control System - for Vancouver Skytrain
Vapor Rail (Canada) Limited - 1998
Damage Control Console Training Simulator - for Canadian Patrol Frigate (CPF)
Securiplex Limited - 1990?
Integration Specialist - for KLM Airbus A310 full-flight simulator
Systems Engineering Dept.
CAE Electronics Limited - 1985
Computerized Test System (CTS) - for real-time S/W development and verification
Systems Engineering Dept.
CAE Electronics Limited - 1982
Automatic Test & Diagnostic System - for military radio
Test Equipment Laboratory
Plessey (UK) Limited - 1979
Radar Data Simulation Program - for MRCA Tornado
Radar Research Laboratory
GEC Marconi Elliott Avionic Systems Limited - 1976