Various gizmos, gadgets, and other links of (possible) interest,
including recommended books and software (personally tested and approved!)

SpunWeb advanced web hosting,
provide lots of help to get a web site started,
and maintained, for personal, or for business use,
with 24/7/365 tech support.
Flight Tracker from FlightView
is a live flight tracking tool.
Flight View: Flight Tracker
FireFox from Mozilla
is a great browser!
Thunderbird from Mozilla
is an excellent email client.
DreamWeaver from Adobe
is a good web development package
that is very popular
SmartDraw is an excellent drawing package
with a ton of libraries to work with.
(Personally, I find it easier to use than Visio)
You can download a Free Trial version
FTP Commander Pro is a nice tool
for managing your FTP sessions.
It has a nice user interface
CSE HTML VAlidator Pro is a good tool
for checking your web site code
You can download this Free Trial version
Here's a Spider Simulator that you can use
to see how a spider/crawler sees a web site.
Put in a site URL and Submit it

MaxiVista is a great tool
for extending your desktop
over additional monitors, on LAN
UltraMon is a cool utility
for managing multi-monitor systems
It works well with MaxiVista
is a very nice package for managing BackUps
TreeSize is a very nice package for managing disks
"The Ultimate CompTIA Network+ 2009 Resource Kit"
(from Inc. Course Technology)

This is the textbook for CompTIA's Network+ Certification
and for Newtork Courses at University
"Information Technology Project Management"
(5th edition) Kathy Schwalbe

This is the textbook for CompTIA's Project+ Certification
and for Project Management Courses at University
Want to play music from your server, on your HiFi?
The SqueezeBox from SlimDevices is,
possibly, the coolest gadget I've ever bought!
IT, Networking, Telecom Posters
From Javvin
Network Protocol Map
Athabasca University
Canadian Information Processing Society
Higher National Awards (EngineeringCouncil)
International (EngineeringCouncil)
Institution of Engineering Designers
European Union Publications Office
Council Directive 89/48/EEC
The Jim Austin Computer Collection
    Quebec Business Registry