Complaints, Bugs, Issues, Fixes, and Tips

  One day, after both my home desktop and office desktop performed an "automatic" Windows update and restart; resulting, as sometimes happens, with something broken on one, or both machines, I decided to start publishing fixes.
If any of these items, trivial or not, saves anybody a headache or a few hours of labour, I'll be happy to have been of service.
(If there isn't much in here yet, be patient, I'll add to it in time)
wuaudit.exe keeps hogging the CPU. This is due to a windows program that insists hijacking your CPU to check for Windows updates.
It is associated with "Application Layer Gateway Service" (alg.exe)
You don't want to avoid updates altogether, but you might want to have more control of your CPU when you are trying to work.

To disable the autoupdate interference, until next restart,
Go to Control Panel => Administrative Tools => Services,
Right click the Automatic Updates service and stop it.
Loss of serial (COM) port, following unsolicited
("Found new hardware")
"Microsoft Serial ballpoint" drivers were 'automatically' installed.
This happens if Windows receives data on your COM port while it is loading.
Don't panic. This is an easy one to fix.
Add the following line to the boot.ini file (in your root directory):-
and Restart.
This will prevent Windows from making that particular stupid assumption.
You can also disable the "Microsoft Serial Ballpoint" in the control panel, under Mouse => Hardware, and properties; but, if you use this method, don't be surprised if the Blue Screen of Death appears if you try to "Hibernate" (WinXP)!
You were in the middle of something important and after leaving your desk for a couple of minutes, you returned to find that your computer was rebooted in your absence. This can happen when Windows installs an "Automatic Update" and "Restarts" your computer.
This is also an easy one to fix - at least in Windows XP.
You can find "Automatic Updates" in the "Control Panel".
Set it to Download... for me, but let me choose...
This will allow Windows to download the updates for you, but will enable you to control when they are installled, and when to reboot your computer.
Computer freezes, or slows to near death, following an apparent program crash, or resource conflict.
If you look in the "Windows Task Manager" (Ctrl-Alt_Del), under the "Processes" tab, you may see one (or many!) instances of "dumprep.exe", taking memory, and CPU time.
This can happen when Windows tries to generate a "dump report" for you. (Actually, it's not for you. These reports are supposed to help Microsoft, but, since your computer is already near death, at the time: Why bother?)
These dumprep.exe "processes" do NOT help matters at all - In fact, they make matters worse!
Sometimes you can get control of your computer back by highlighting each of the dumprep.exe proceses, and selecting End Process for each one.
To prevent Windows from locking up your machine with dumprep.exe: Go to Control Panel => System => Advanced => Error Reporting and select "Disable error reporting" :- No more dumprep.exe problems! :-)